Makeup Services

Whether you’re a beauty lover or not, getting your makeup done professionally is a treat. 

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Makeup Application

We treat makeup application like art, not just another service.  We make sure to put a lot of time in to make sure you look your best.


Having a Look in Mind

Whether you want a dark smoky eye or a more neutral look, knowing what you want before your appointment is a great idea. Communication is key when it comes to your makeup artist.

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Makeup Advise

You'll meet, you'll greet, you'll discuss details, and enjoy each other's company. Your MUA is doing their best to create clean, crisp lines, and nothing is more difficult than applying makeup to a moving face. So, chat first, then while your MUA applies lipstick, and other delicate details like eyeliner and mascara, take a verbal break.

Before you get your makeup done

Many women either forget that their makeup artist will be applying foundation, don't feel comfortable leaving the house without it, or simply don't realize that they should come to their appointment without any makeup. Speak with your Makeup Artist first to get a clear understanding of what she/he wants, but in most cases, a MUA will want to start with a fresh canvas. That means no foundation, no primer, no mascara — nothing! Your MUA will provide all of these things, and will want to apply them for you as part of their complete package. You wouldn't walk into a pizza parlor, wanting a freshly made pizza, but carrying a half cooked crust, would you?